Pane e Vino


                                                                  BRUSCHETTA ITALIANA 7.25
                    Toasted bread drizzled with evo, fresh chopped tomatoes, basil and oregano poached eggs.

                                                                   UOVA STRAPAZZATE 7.50
                           Scrambled eggs with roasted peppers, caramelized onions, spinach and fontina.

                                               OMELETTE CON SALSICCIA, SPINACI E FUNGHI 8.50
                                          Omelette with spinach, mushrooms, italian sausage and parmigiano.

                                                            FRITTATA COL POLLO AL PESTO 8.75
                                      Scrambled eggs with chicken bites, tomatoes,  onions, pesto and fontina. 

                                                                    BAGELS AL SALMONE  10.00
                                    Smoked Salmon, cream cheese, capers, onions, tomatoes, lemon and bagels.

                                                                       UOVA TRICOLORE 8.50
                                          Scrambled eggs with Italian sausage, tomatoes, basil and onions.

                                                                   OMELETTE PRIMAVERA 8.25
                                   Omelette with sauteed zucchine, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, basil.      

                                                                   UOVA  ALLA FIORENTINA 9.00
                                            Poached eggs, toasted bread, spinach and Hollandaise sauce.

                                                             SPAGHETTI ALLA CARBONARA 10.00
                                       Crispy pancetta, eggs,  onions and a touch of creamy-Parmigian sauce.

                                                            BRIOCHES AL CRUDO E RUCOLA 11.00
                   Warm butter croissant stuffed with Prosciutto di Parma and served with a petite arugola salad.

                                  All served with a side of roasted potatoes and fresh fruit except the spaghetti

Bacon, roasted potatoes, sausage, fruit. 3.00

Coffee/Tea 2.00

Bellini, Bloody’s, Mimosa, Palmieri, Rossini, Negroni,  8.00 each.

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